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I'm Dr. Kevin Zhao, a Neurosurgeon based in New Jersey.

I specialize in minimally invasive cranial and spine surgeries. My focus is on individualized care so patients can resume their daily lives as quickly as possible.

I take a minimally invasive approach to complex cases.

I firmly believe a minimally invasive approach offers less trauma to healthy tissues, and should be favored in cases where appropriate.

In contrast to traditional neurosurgical procedures, minimally invasive approaches involve smaller incisions and minimal shaving while offering faster recovery, less post-operative discomfort, and better outcomes.

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  • "Dr Kevin Zhao is the highly skilled neurosurgeon that successfully treated my husband for a subarachnoid hemorrhage in late 2023 performing two brain surgeries and countless hours of intensive care balancing medications and intracranial pressure. Dr Zhao was personally bedside for 37 of my husband’s 38 days while in Banner University Medical Center. He has incredible bedside manner always answering my questions. If you have a medical condition that requires a skilled neurological surgeon, please consider Dr Zhao. He truly is incredible." Kimberlee G
  • "Dr. Kevin Zhao, DO is the most skillful and intelligent doctor that I have ever had to deal with concerning my mom. He saved my mom's life and was very informative to me concerning my mom during the entire surgery that he performed on my mom and very fast surgery. If you ever need a neurosurgeon I recommend getting him for your loved one. I give him a 5.0 rating!!" Karen Brubaker


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Traditional Minimal

Minimally Invasive Surgery

This illustration demonstrates a minimally invasive pterional craniotomy, showcasing its smaller incision and minimal hair shaving compared to the traditional approach. We frequently utilize this technique for various brain tumors and aneurysms, offering patients benefits such as faster recovery and reduced complications.

Employing a minimally invasive approach as the cornerstone of his practice, Dr. Zhao integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as computer-guided neuronavigation, fluorescence imagery, microsurgery, as well as endonasal and transcranial endoscopy.

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